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A diabetes management App developed for Connectify AI


Diabetes is a becoming a growing concern with an estimated 74% increase in cases by 2045. It is considered as a silent killer as it slowly starts affecting internal organs and an individual starts taking it seriously only when they see serious signs of damage. In spite of this there is an alarming lack of awareness and adherence when it comes to manage this condition.

Our clients, Connectify AI were looking at a solution to provide the users, in this case diabetic patients, with a tool to help them manage and control their condition better.


User Research and analysis, sketching, wireframing, Testing and Iterations, prototyping. 


3 week project 

Design Process


  • User Interviews

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Subject research


  • Data Analysis

  • User Personas

  • Customer Journey

  • User Flow


  • Feature prioritization

  • Sketching

  • Wireframing

  • Usability Testing


  • Design System

  • Interactive Prototype

Stake holder interviews

Primary research conducted on the subject of diabetes indicated that food, exercise, sleep and stress are the main factors affecting the condition of diabetes patients. With an in-depth research and interviews with potential users and healthcare professionals, we were able to validate this. The insights uncovered during analysis formed the basis for the product development.

Food tracking is considered beneficial but is found to be a tedious process to follow through

Flexibility and freedom with food choices is highly valued

Users were found to be Interested in achieving holistic well-being rather than just management of symptoms

Seeking a wide-range of information to improve wellness which is not limited to guidance from healthcare professionals

Seek mutual emotional and social support from society and other patients

Encouraging patients’ self-motivation is key

Small, consistent changes will lead to better health outcomes

Food logging is the first step towards diet management

User Persona

Research has shown that people tend to get serious about their diabetes management only after they start facing serious health issues. Targeting the early/new diagnosed patient will help them with the support needed to avoid the advancement of the condition.

People who have been dealing with diabetes are generally found to be confident and comfortable with their management style. However, someone who is relatively new seeks advice and information on diet, health, medication alternatives etc.

Neel is our Primary persona- our target segment and Kavery is our secondary persona-our smaller target segment.

Primary Persona
User Persona (Newly-Diagnosed Neel).png
Secondary Persona
User Persona (Consistent Kavery).png
Customer Journey Map

A journey map was charted from the symptoms stage to what would be considered as the ideal stage a patient would like to achieve. Key focus areas were identified where an intervention could be an opportunity to provide maximum benefit to the users as well as balance business goals.

Patient Journey Map (Highlighted).png

The three main pillars for the App are:

  • Self management through food logging

  • Community

  • Education

Branding and logo

A Logo and brand name with a friendlier vibe



Usability Testing

For the first round , the app was tested for any gaps in the user flow and the interconnectivity of the various features within the App- Diet, Health stats, Resources and Community.

Usability Testing Findings from First round
Usability Testing Findings from Second round

For the Second round, focus was to test the efficiency of the features with respect to ease of use and convenience.

UT2 plus delta.png
Validation of Design Iterations through Quantitative Data

The SUS ratings showed an increase from 80.4 to 89.5 after two rounds of design iterations on the Prototype.

Final Prototype (Key Screens)



 Food Logging

Health Stats Logging 



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